As with investing and retirement planning, there are many types of insurance.Just for life insurance, there are term, variable, universal, and variable universal policies.The key is to find the right policy for YOU.I am fully licensed to provide life, health, long term care, and disability insurance.As an independent agent, I have access to many different policies from hundreds of different companies to make sure it fits your needs.This eliminates a conflict of interest compared to agents that represent a single insurer.

The process starts with analyzing your needs.Many if not most people are underinsured, though most don’t know it.

This is especially true for disability insurance.Your ability to earn a living is probably your most important asset through your lifetime.It makes sense to protect it!Perhaps you are fortunate to have disability coverage from your employer.Have you looked to see how much coverage you actually have, and will it be enough should you suffer an illness or injury?

Long Term Care Insurance:  After housing, health care costs are the biggest expense for most retirees.  LTCI policies are a way to protect yourself from spiraling health care costs in retirement.  These policies can be complex, making it doubly important to work with someone you can trust.  I can help you understand the different kinds of policies, and select one that gives you the protection you need at costs you can afford.